Who am I?

Yo! I'm also working on a visual novel; Mens'est Artifex - Five Viewpoints.

          I'm the dude in the title! As a token of appreciation, let me introduce myself...

          My name is Miko. Here's a fun-fact: Miko is a difficult name to live with in Finland and stands for a "shrine maiden" in Japanese. I'm a student, a wannabe-pianist, an amateur writer and a graduated electrician from Finland. My life changed in 2013, when I accidentally applied for a wrong field of education. Turned out to be the best mistake I ever made. Since then, I've discovered a lot of useful tools in life that I wish to share with you!

What do I do?

          I started blogging back in 2014, writing video game reviews. The routine back then got tiresome, so I quit a couple years later. This blog was founded in September 2017, when I needed a channel to vent my feelings. At first I was writing about the breakup, lacking a long-term plan. Funny enough, the blog actually turned into something worthwhile. Another fun fact: This blog was originally called Anonym Writer with a Dusty Journal. Later I dropped the anonymity and replaced the word with Arctic. AWDJ for short.

Quick look on the contents of this website:

          Main Entries are listed with roman numerals. These are the main course, where it's at. My biggest and most important posts. For new readers looking for an entry point, I recommend "XXVII -Best mistake I ever made". Otherwise, start from the beginning or wherever.

Make sure to check 'Thought Catalogue' to search for a specific topic.

          Mindful Reviews (Labeled as R) is where I write analytical material on videogames, movies, documentaries, books, visual novels et cetera. I'm returning to my roots, writing reviews but in a different format. Instead of focusing on technical aspects of a product, I focus on the story, setting and characters. Analysis. Expect full spoilers.

My old reviews can be found at ireview.tumblr.com! We co-hosted the blog with a friend for a while before abandoning the domain.

          Recurring Thoughts (Labeled as Q) are quick tackles on more specific topics. Originally this series was called Just a Thought I've Been Having, (JATIBH for short) which is just that. Usually written as a result of a sudden inspiration, this series is for answering questions.

Topics, such as:

'What would you do if you won the lottery?' and 'What do I think of censorship?'.

          Guest Entries are uploads reserved for entries written by others. Feel free to submit posts guided by a few guidelines. Don't worry, I'm a man in favor of free speech, so nearly all topics are submittable.

Credit for this awesome notebook texture goes to DeviantArt user lovestoned786

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