XXXIV -A boy and his blog

Okay, my editor just came by and told me to stop with the cringy intros and cut to the chase. Today I'm going to talk about the state of this blog, where it's going and we’re going to look back on the stuff that's been already said and in which fashion.

XXXIII -A boy and his box

March, 2019

XXXII -Scottish slice-of-life

It is 2019. Let's rewind.. Promises were made. People were born. Wishes were granted. Sentiments were hurt. Relationships were established. Thoughts were thought. Times were spent. Life was lived.

XXXI -Bicycling Through Finland, Final Cycle

You must have dreams. One day I had an idea. Some year, I want to do great things that people recognize me for.

XXX -Bicycling Through Finland, Third Cycle

Previously on our on-going series: Bicycling through Finland … you know what? Fuck it, just get on with the chase. Did I ever tell you how lovely it is to just chill, out in the big wide world?

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