Q9 -Do you have a soul?

If we're being really honest (like super honest), religions suck. Don't you think? For one, religion is one of the – if not the – biggest cause of conflict throughout history.

Q8 -How can you work with climate change?

Teppo gets a low volume drink and sets his eyes on an interesting female at the counter, on the customers' side, just conveniently next to him. Teppo makes an approach...

Q7 -What do I think of censorship?

Censorship. What good is it to cover ourselves from the truth? Dictators and leaders of strong hierarchy forbid those of lower authority to speak their minds and thus prevent a truthful perspective to be heard.

Q6 -What does my notepad look like?

Whenever I come up with something, I write it down. Doesn't matter whether it's a poem, quote, video/blog post idea, rant or a short story. Google is the same.

Q5 -What's the deal with gender-neutrality?

Disclaimer! I wish that everyone prone to getting offended easily, identify yourselves and redirect elsewhere. This is an essay based solely on one man's opinion and nothing more. Thanks!

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