XXI -Brainstorming

First of all, I just had a thought.

Before anything else, imagine this.


You know how every single company and retail seller on Earth uses this 9.95 or 9.99 bullshit to make the price feel less than it actually is? Like, I remember this one time when I still watched cable TV and passed by this car commercial that literally advertised something like, "It's yours for under 26k !" and the price was literally 25,999. Yeah, thanks for the thoughtful price drop, dudette.


So, I had an idea..


Imagine if all the .95 prices rounded up. Imagine that .05 value added to every purchase ever made. Imagine all that damn money. That'd be huge! For us, just twenty purchases would make a full euro, that's crazy!


Secondly, I realized that this is the 21st (XXI) entry, and I'm turning 21 myself. (which is in three weeks, thanks for remembering.) I'm also working on the visual novel and all, leaving a question whether I'll be able to party at all. Just kidding, I wouldn't miss it, no freakin' chance. No, sir!

An idea.


My brain is hurting from these intense swaying feels of ecstacy and exhaustion, because building a scenario is hard! Then you have these moments when some story elements just click on their own. This has happened so many times during these two months of writing and that alone makes me recommend anyone to try writing scripts.


Picturing a beginning and an end is easy; that's basically the foundation of inspiration. When you come up with a story, it's usually the base setting and the climax that comes to mind at first. Unfortunately, that alone isn't enough to create a proper story, you need to have a middle. That's the difficult part. Anything else than the climax doesn't come off as interesting or time-worthy on the planning board, but it's crucial. That's the greatest struggle to me as a writer.


I have all the big plot points and what is supposed to make my story special already in mind. However, if I wrote only that, the story would propably be about ten pages long and not that great. After all, everything sounds better in your head. That's because you're your only audience (at least before our sweet pals at the R&D come up with something) Frustrating, isn't it? No matter how hard you try to rub your head into someone else's and listen to their thoughts, there's no sound. Dang.

An argument.


I visited a certain Finnish forum first time in a long while. Admittably, many of it's users are known for getting butthurt easily. Those people trying to make it clear that their truth is the only correct one. (Now that I think of it, that's most lifestyle-forums described in a nutshell.)


What still amazes me is that grown-up people cannot participate in a debate without insulting one another. We're here to share information and insights, are we not? Even if someone's opinion differs from yours or the information provided is faulty, that alone doesn't entitle you to accuse them of being "a fucking idiot". Just because someone thinks that sweet corn is healthier boiled than fried and you strongly suggest the exact opposite doesn't make them stupid and irrational human beings. No hurt feelings, mmkay?


Fun personal realization of the year: I told you about my year as a building supervisor on civil service duty, right? Where I spent like, at least 75% of my time was the local library. Right. I never visited the library of my own will, never. Even my library card started coming apart because it was so damn ancient. Anyway, that's where my "headquarters" located and most of the work was centered at. And I might have told how I never cared for literature, neither as a form of entertainment or in the form of studying.


You see, in elementary school we had to write a stories with a minimum length of two pages. I'd have to force myself to come up with something to just fill up the first page. So yeah, I never was much of a novelist back then. The sweet parts which scored me a lot of words were listing things. You know, for example:


            "John packed some useful things in his backpack. There were a flashlight, some clothes, a sleeping bag, an mp3-player and a toothbrush."


Looking at my current writing, I've written about 37,000 words on this blog and another 26,000 words on the visual novel. And that thing hasn't even technically begun! I've only drafted about a half of the first (of five) episodes and it's already that long.

A question.


Question of the day: Do you have tinnitus? That son-of-a-fuck that makes you forget what true silence feels like. If you don't know what I'm talking about, congratulations. I also thought that I didn't have one; until my sweet brother educated the oblivious 13-year old me into what tinnitus is and now I cannot unhear it for the rest of my days. Oh happy times. After wondering about the science of tinnitus for multiple years, I finally got around procrastinating to find out my semi-specific frequency.


Actually, scrap that. I did one test online that gave me an estimate of around 16,000khz, but it was a failed test. Everytime I listened to those frequencies, however, there was no sound for me. But when you think about it, the range of frequencies a healthy child should be able to hear is between 20hz and 20khz, so it might be the effect of my age that makes 16khz and above disappear for me. I should probably visit an ear doctor, but that shit's expensive! (I think?) Listening to the spectrum on repeat, it seems there's a deaf spot somewhere between 3khz and 5khz. It would be interesting to know which frequencies play in my fellow sufferers' heads. If I had to come up with two words to describe the noise, it's high and frustrating.

A joke.


We witnessed a glitch in the matrix three days ago. It was bizarre. You know how different countries use different formated license plates on motor vehicles, am I right? In Finland, it's fairly simple. Ours is XXX-123. The letters and numbers don't hold any relevant meaning, it's totally random.


I'm bad at identifying different cars, let alone naming models. So, if a familiar looking car is approaching, how do I tell whether I know whose car it is? By looking at the driver? Nah, nothing so casual. I usually memorize the three letters in each familiar car; so if a car approaches, I'm likely to stare at it's license plate. Sometimes you may even come by some funny plates.


For example, when I was fetching my niece and nephew from their grandparents over a months ago, I came to an T-junction and turned right. There was a van behind me and I'm just going to assume that my "slow" driving got on the their nerves as they decided to pass me in a hasty manner right after the turn. That's when I noticed it's license plate, "TRY-123". Guess I gotta try harder, then.


Well, back to this glitch I mentioned. Three days ago I was spending time with my friend, zig-zagging through town. We were discussing this visual novel project of mine and the subject shifted to simulation-theory. It was then that I noticed a car pass by in the same direction as us and I started chuckling. The license plate read "BOI-123". My friend who is a meme-enthusiast, immediately caught on. Then, literally the next car that approached from our front (about twenty seconds later, in fact) had a license plate "BRO-123". This was clearly a sign from the high ones, considering we were just talking about simulation-theory. I rest my case.


Thanks for tuning in, dudes 'n dudettes! This post was brought to you by nobody, because traffic on mikolankinen.com is nonexistent! I salute you for reading though, or at least for skipping through. Examined from afar, every wall of text looks alike. But in reality, it's like the supposed snowflake-phenomenon. There's no two alike. Until next time, Love ya!



"I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults." -Shigeru Miyamoto



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March 23rd, 2018

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