VII -Hitchhiking

I don't remember the last time I've been truly frustrated and mad at something other than video games. I'm not meant for this country. Finland is stereotypically known as the country of introverts, and it's plain for everyone to see. Of course, your surrounding environment makes you belong, but I've been trying to separate myself from this cycle.


The world of couchsurfing, hitchhiking, backpacking, and expanding my social network strongly interest me. Finland is not the best place to start. I have a friend who hitchhikes for fun and has years of experience with it. I get that it takes lots of patience and some basic knowledge of dos and don'ts, but when we live in a place and time where no one trusts anyone it can turn out to be really difficult.

What's wrong?


My experience today (Nov. 27th) left me so irritated that it served as a good reminder that I, too, can lose my temper rather easily. I had a plan to move between two cities and finally decided to go for hitchhiking as surmised for the past quarter year. Last time I did that, everything went swell despite the fact the man who picked me up was indeed, a Russian man in his mid-twenties with no mutual language skills. Not saying that's a problem for me. It seems that my fellow countrymen wouldn't bother to lend a ride, or rather, dare to.


You see, when I began talking to my relatives about taking on hitchhiking, the most frequent response I always seemed to get was something like:


"Have you thought this through? There's no telling what sorts of madmen are out there."


Of course I know the risks. But the simple truth remains; we are exaggerating the matter, always. When a risk severity is high but likelihood is low, it's definitely worth taking. Can't live your life in fear, now can we? The next time you go out, who's telling the first car you come across on a zebra crossing doesn't run you over? Precisely.


All I hear around me are the cries of despair. "Why is there so much evil and violence in the world?" "Why do we live in such a dark era?" It's true, even I tend to have this type of thoughtfield. When you think about it, though, the world is more peaceful than it's most likely ever been before during man's reign of terror. There's no big wars going on and any major conflicts in near future are unlikely at this point. Indeed, there's a big clown running the world right now, but there's also a million babysitters making sure he doesn't do anything reckless.

Stop taking the world so personally.


As little as I know about politics, that's about right in my interpretation. And what comes to the whole violence and terrorism thing, media is to blame. First time in history, a piece of information can travel through earth literally at the speed of light, thanks to the internet. News outlets tend to favor the headlines that generate the most views and revenue; and what are those news called? You got it right, tragedies. People are drawn to drama and conflict, in contrary to positive news. Example given,


          "A rock band performed at the grand stadium. The consert was a success and gathered a record quantity crowd." or "A nailbomb exploded in the middle of a crowd at a concert. Police has blocked all exits from the building and advice people to be extremely cautious in the area."


Which one is going to attract more attention? I rest my case. Like the Manchester bombing and all the rest of the terrorist attacks, the whole world is going to hear about it. A few months ago, there were multiple stabbing incidents in Turku, Finland. It was on every headline for many days and got some people reluctant to moving in the daylight. You just have to keep in mind that these incidents are, after all, really rare. What are the odds that you're going to end up as one of the victims to these kind of incidents? No point in limiting yourself because of fear, especially if the fear is groundless.


Let's face it, we're living relatively safe times, especially here in Finland. We have a homicidal rate of 0,00128 per cent of the population as of 2015 statistics. It's not like the first person I get a ride from or spend a night at will come and kill me first chance. Get a grip people! Often you can have a pretty good impression of a person during the first few seconds/minutes of meeting someone, and back off if something feels off. It's called common sense. Criminal masterminds do not lurk behind every corner.

What's going on with this blog?


With writing becoming a passion of mine, it's about time I begin thinking what to do with this blog. At first, I just needed an outlet to vent my problems. It still serves that purpose, but I'm no longer as emotionally unstable as I was back then. However, as amusing as it sounds, I've found a weapon against myself. A few days ago I tried to ask this girl how she's doing. I mentioned her in the previous text. That made me extremely anxious, despite my efforts to fight the sensation. What came in the aftermath was restlessness and being unable to stay still.


I chuckle while writing this, because I've discovered a way to make myself productive. Only con-side is the awful feeling which caused me the symptoms in the first place. To think that I'm constructing devious plans against myself.


I fret the day I run out of topics to talk about. May be a while before writing again though, I have some small projects on the side as well. Been considering of writing a fictional series, too. Many years ago I had a dream of becoming a video game developer. After a long series of trial & error, I figured the game development industry was not for me. Still loved the storyline in my head. I think this idea of mine could become a good story or even a visual novel if I ever get to studying that much of programming. But that's for another day. Again, thanks for lending your time to read this piece of scribble. Much obliged. Love ya, let's have an other pointless monologue sometime in near future!



"Everything you want is on the other side of fear" -Jack Canfield




November 27th, 2017

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