XIIX -Have we met?

Hey, good to have you with us here, and by "us" I mean myself. Come to think of it, have we even had a proper introduction yet? Last time I shoved all of my entries into WordCounter, it calculated nearly 30 000 words written on this blog and yet you might be completely unfamiliar with the person writing them.


Uhh, how should I do this.. Introductions are so awkward when you just be like "Hey, I know we been talkin' a lot, but yeah.. So, my name is X and I do Y for a living.


Sorry, kinda off topic, but you catch my drift." It's all propably in my head, anyway.

A proper introduction.

So, time to get that out of the way. My name is Miko Lankinen. Although, I kind of might prefer Mikkelson as my internet alias; been using that for as long as I can remember. Wherever "Mikkelson" is taken, "Mikkelssoni" usually isn't. Yeah, that bit of a Finnish touch right there.


Sometimes people inquire me about the origin of the nickname, but I honestly cannot remember. Takes me back to grade school at least, so it must be at least ten years old. I remember using it for the first times to name my first Mii on the Nintendo Wii back in.. 2007? Wow, makes you feel old already.


Also, we have this sort of a gaming site in Finland called "Aapeli", which features some casual games like minigolf, pool, a tower defense, a bejeweled etc. It's also available to other European countries, but it was mainly our thing. My nickname there had an exclamation mark in the end cause I was so badass at some of those games. Every time I'd log in, there was a message "Welcome back, Mikkelson!!" Honestly don't know if the site's still up and running anymore.

I've lived my whole life in the same region, which is actually kind of depressing. Now that I think of it, all of my homes are have been within 60 kilometers range. Wow, never thought of that. Well, if this "Plan B" I talked about in the previous entry is going in action, that is going to be a drastic change.


So yeah, it's no secret at this point that I currently live in Kuopio, Finland. This is the city I was born in and studied to become an electrician. The majority of my life I've been living in a nearby smaller town, Suonenjoki, I lived there through my grade school and junior high years. Then I moved back to Kuopio to attend vocational school and completed my civil service duty back in Suonenjoki after graduation. So yeah, been skipping through these two towns all my life.


As you know, I think life is too short to spend in a single place, I'm planning on moving elsewhere sooner or later anyway. Been even dreaming/thinking about going abroad. I know many people who have and even have a living example in our family. Uhhhh, perhaps someday..

New frontiers.


So.. Name, check. Home, check. Yeah, well, cannot really say much about my family without including Teppo. Doesn't matter, though. I resurrected my visual novel project a few days ago. So yeah, all of my creativity and typing fatigue might go there. It's going to be a long project with a shit-ton to write.


Send me feedback anytime you like, it's been fun here. Thanks for reading this mishmash of introductions, love ya!



"When a good story ends, you feel like you lost a good friend." -superduperdrew12345 (reddit)



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-February 1st, 2018

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