VI -Lessons

Hello, my faithful audience! It is I, your beloved masochist. Now that I've been single for a good while, I've begun to see the benefit of doing things your way. Make no mistake, I'm still searching for a special one quite impatiently, but it's no longer driving my emotions quite as furiously. Indeed, things have taken some major turns for me during these months. I've finally had the chance to have a proper talk with my now ex-girlfiend and things are now steady between us.


Truth be told, we're not sure whether going back together is a viable option at this point. These months have drifted our lives apart from each other, so we take the high road and let time decide for us. It's important to not dive in headfirst into the water without considering the sharp rocks that may lurk in the bottom.


I cannot recall mentioning about this one potential female I met about a month ago. This was my first romantic encounter with a girl who was a total stranger, being that we met on Tinder, while I was previously visiting her city. I'm not one to talk, but I usually don't want to rush anything related to dating. Love got the best of me and I had to meet her after starting exchanging suggestive messages. I had to meet her personally before investing too much feelings for her.


In the end, we met on three different occasions, had a lovely opportunity to get to know each other better and even had our first kiss. I was head over heels; the feeling was incomparable. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario in my head came true. She told me the next day something I was already aware of. My clingyness was the problem. Fortunately, I had a place to stay during my visit. Still, I was constantly agitated to see and spend time with her. She felt anguished by it. We lost contact and still I get an anxious and unpleasant feeling inside whenever I see her pictures. It's curious how beautiful a person can appear when you've got feelings for them. Love is a fascinating phenomenon.


But in the end, it was not meant to be. I try to insist myself that this was a valuable experience for me to continue forward, although it felt like being abandoned once again. You cannot succeed in life without determination and accepting the truth that there'll be hardships.


I prioritize self-improvement above all else; consciously searching what is it you're doing wrong and seeking out solutions to make them right. I'm not one to please people, but trying to shape myself exactly like I want to be. That includes being a good individual and hopefully a good role model for some folks. Some of my family members have already begun to see the benefits in a minimalistic lifestyle and sometimes ask for my guidance in the process. Makes you feel important, truly.

Let's finally talk about procrastination.


Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a to-do list hanging from your pinboard, filled with mundane tasks that need to be done at some point in time. Things like patching the rear tire of your bicycle or purchasing new batteries for the smoke alarm. But nah, "I'll handle it tomorrow, promise!". Yeah sure, treasure. Sure you'll handle it, and tomorrow the leak on the roof's going to be fixed too, right?


I'm sure you do this too, like me. Lately I've been trying to spread the word of an amazing quote I discovered not a long while ago.


            "Merge your thoughts and actions."


So, quite literally whenever you think about doing something, like for example, "The trash need to be taken out" or "I should stretch before going out", you connect your thought synapses with your muscles to actually do it. I try to sound scientific and all, but in reality have no clue what I'm talking about. I don't know what's it like to actually not being able to move yourself, but know what being lazy is.


Laziness is only a state of mind, period. That's why I'm giving YOU, dear reader, a homework for the very first time. Next time you stumble upon this sort of situation, use this quote to motivate yourself to be efficient. I know because I've personally been practising this change and thus far it's been amazing. Even I haven't gotten rid of procrastinating entirely, but reduced it significantly. Why waste time dreaming about something when you can work getting closer to achieving it?


I'd like to thank my father for being an enthusiastic reader here, observing your son's internal mindwork because it's too much of a burden to speak of personally. Nah, not really, but these things need an appropriate mood and the right time.


I also have an e-mail address to receive any requests for topics/questions/anything. Contact me with to let me know your thoughts.


This update was crafted in a short schedule, but helped me clear a couple things altogether. Thanks for reading, love ya! Really, I do.



"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only throughout our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." -Orson Welles







November 26th, 2017

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