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Hello fellow air breather. Let's talk about the weather! (Basic Finnish sociological approach) Right now it's cloudy with a sense of indirect sunlight. It's not as slippery as it was a year ago, so no life threatening situations there. Unlike the majority would imagine, it would be great to have it a bit colder here. If there were snow rains present, I would propably be a little less unemployed than I currently am. Also, it kinda disheartens me to internalize that it's already March and spring is making it's way in. Then again, it's going to be depressing when Summer bids it's farewells and leaves us with leaves, prolonged darkness, chilly weather and some more leaves. Different seasons come with their corresponding feelings; in the end, nothing's enough, as usual.

Throwback to the olden days.

It's been nearly half a year since my life switched on these curvy railroad tracks I'm continuing to odyssey today. It's common to hear people exclaiming "Nooo! It's been that long already?? How time flies!" I want you to think differently. Just because you can remember something so clearly, doesn't mean it hasn't passed as much time. Even I'm wondering how I just graduated from vocational school; like, it literally feels like last week! Then again, during these two years, a lot has happened that I instantly tend to dismiss. Stuff like that happens and it's natural.

It's also been exactly six months (accurate by two week tolerance) since I started writing. It was 13th of September if my memory doesn't fail me. That was when I disintegrated from my previous relationship. (That's what it felt like, honestly and obviously) At first I had an idea of expressing these thoughts and helping people with similar troubles to find perspective, anonymously. A certain level of woe and drama was required to reach the atmosphere I was aiming for.

Well, everything comes to an end and those with unstable minds tend to have more aggressive mood swings than others. No matter what, you'll get over it, sooner or later. I personally just this past month, learned to finally accept and be okay with everything about 'her'. Okay, maybe not everything since I still wish to avoid the person in question, but it doesn't bother me anymore. She's clearly moved on and so have I.

So, what happened is that I kind of decided to change the target audience. I still occasionally write about my own troubles but strive to discuss more relatable things and universal phenomenon, be it within interpersonal communication or varying experiences.

The end of junior high was the highpoint of my life; everything that made me who I am today, happened after that. What remains from before is a load of teenage regrets and wonderful people. Perhaps some funny stories here and there. I also started writing semi-seriously for the first time in my life when I was on second year, studying electricity.


It was 2014, I still remember how I hyped to my father about writing video game reviews on Tumblr. They say that after practising a skill for so long, you look back to your old work (My first reviews) and think of it as carbage. You might have heard of Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 hour rule", which he considers the key to success in any field. Be it in my case the same amount of hours to become a great pianist or if you want it to suit writing, you could say "1,000,000 words to become a good writer." Stuff like that.

Let's talk MBTI types.

Let me introduce to you: Brigg Myers Personality Test. You might have observed people presenting four letters that supposedly describe their personalities all over the internet. I find this to be somewhat common. The type indicator consists of four different measures, each with two opposing variations. There's:


Firstly, Energy channeling (Introversion vs. Extroversion)


Do you prefer staying alone over spending time around others? Are you more comfortable being the observer and think things through inside your head instead of talking with other people? If so, you might lean more to the introverted side. (I) However, if all of this is the plain opposite of you, consider yourself an extrovert. (E)

Secondly, Information gathering (Sensing vs. Intuition)


Do you pay attention essentially on facts and practical measures and focus on things as they are (S) or do you imagine different perspectives and try to figure out the big picture where everything connects, possibly in a figurative manner? (N)

Thirdly, Decision making (Thinking vs. Feeling)


When making decisions, do you take account of your personal feelings over the matter and value empathy, forgiveness and think of the ways your actions might affect others? (F) While an important quality, it's also essential to find logical and fair reasoning. This way it's possible to make decisions the impersonal way and strive for ethically flawless choices. (T)

Lastly, Lifestyle structuring. (Judging vs. Perceiving)


Are you one to plan your time carefully or do you go with the flow? Do you dislike surprises and follow the rules and plans faithfully (J) or do you find them flexible and enjoy spontaneous situations? (P)

When considering all the different combinations, 16 different personality types can be estimated. I've personally taken this test on two different websites and gotten the same result both times. (ENFP-T) Of course, like any test on the vast bitverse, BMTI should also be taken with a grain of salt. It may and can give a sense of direction but should not be taken as the absolute truth.


My personality type!

You may (or may not be) interested at this point what my personality type tells about me. Well, I'll tell you anyway! The site I took the initial test on describes me as 'The Campaigner'.


            "The campaigner is a true free spirit. Often the life of the party, but usually enjoy more of the social and emotional connections they make with others than sheer excitement and pleasure."


Characteristically typical features among 'Campaigners' also include seeing the world as a big, connected puzzle with a deeper meaning behind it, desire to come up with original solutions (freedom to innovate) and feeling very sensitive and emotional. (In this example, it's said that when a Campaigner steps on someone's toes,"they both feel it".)


Campaigners' prowessness can be seen in their enthusiasm, communicating skills, empathy towards others and curiosity. However, they often possess difficulties in focusing, lack of practical skills and overthinking things to a point of overwhelming stress. In the dating world, Campaigners are amongst the most excited individuals. They crush easily and intensely (I can confirm this to be true) and once in a relationship, take the bond with their significant other very seriously. Campaigners find a romantic relationship to be a mutual experience to see what life has to offer and imagine new ideas. Their devotion lead to strong and unshakeable commitments that see inconveniences, such as a long-distance as another idea to benefit from.


Of course, not everyone's a match with the fast and spontaneous journey as a lover of a Campaigner. Their excitement levels often lead to clinginess. You can't force a puzzle piece, for the matching piece for it lies somewhere else. If you force two pieces together, you might end up with a distorted image that is difficult to look at. Poet Miko at work.

Like horoscopes and general astrology, these descriptions that pretend to know everything about me usually fail to impress. Although, with Brigg Myers' Type Indicator, I've found the results to be frighteningly accurate. To quote a friend who believes in horoscopes (not those tabloid fillers but scientifically researched ones) "it's one thing to think that "this kind of sounds like me" and another to startle at the sheer accuracy."


There's still a lot to tell about this specific personality type (Friendships, career, parenthood and the like..) but I think you got the big picture. If I had to point out one thing that doesn't quite sync with me in this excessive detailed description, it's the "fiercely independent and preference of freedom over security" -aspect. While the latter is true, I still value stability and security more than the wiki lets on. The source material was originally sitated from 16personalities.com.

May I make a quick statement that I feel needs to be said. The lone wanderer with his trusty laptop (yeah, I got it to work finally) is going back under the same oak tree he awakened from, six months ago. He returns to his roots. Just a couple of months back he thought to never see the tree again so up close. He knew that he wouldn't leave this prairie forever, but to voyage further until it was his time to return. He didn't hate the tree, but despised the acorn that fell on his head that day. He just wanted to go back to sleep after finding what he was searching for.


Mind you, this was only the passage to what I'm about to say. Figurative speeches are so much fun and leave you with open ended conclusions. Some may also become irritated because of it.

Conversations. Like, in general?


Pardon me for being so blunt, but how the fuck do you converse with a person to make them interested in you, as a person? Be it getting familiar with a stranger, matching with a potential date or making new friends through common hobbies. I just don't get it.


Aight, this mostly concerns the people of dating apps. Firstly, if you an interest person you'd propably want to get to know them, right? I know I'm being naive, but if I didn't initiate a single conversation with any of the people I matched with, my word exchange statistics would represent a huge zero. It's the illusion of someone being interested and immediately dropping it. And yeah, you can't have a fluent conversation with everyone, right? But how often have you met someone you don't know anything about and know exactly what to say and it feels completely natural. I want to become a great conversationalist but cannot do so without practise.

Often, when you wish to talk with someone, you'll need a topic. When you're talking with a semi-stranger, usually the conversation doesn't flow as naturally as it would with a person who's much closer to you. That is why either side will always need to push the sledge forward until it slides on it's own. Often, if not always, I've been the one doing it. That's no shame, it's a sign of interest which I wish to grant the person I'm conversing with. And if you didn't catch the point, I mean dating and crushes and all that good 'n anxious stuff.


A paragraph I wrote just before falling a sleep, some days ago.

Google Translate Treatment(tm) with dating advice.


But enough about that, I already can feel shame building up whenever I happen to read these again. Back to our rotten roots and unhealthy complaining, right? Fortunately, I've found a solution to these problems. A while back, I found a compact guide to dating and decided to shove it through the Google Translate Treatment(tm). Google has always made everything better, amirite? With this, even you, the nail-clippings -collection possessing boy living in your mother's basement can find a soul mate in no time!


The beginning is important.


Remember, your belly can grow, but that's your first idea. Of course, you do not have to feel lonely, but girls want to be proud of their appearance. Do not worry, it does not mean you should have an umbrella, but if nothing, shave your head, play baseball and do the right thing, you can be surprised and happy all day. All you have to do is follow the flu all the time.


Make a new arrangement that can be fun.


You can save yourself as a person and have meetings, but women want to see what you can do. By having meetings in the right places, it will be difficult for you to make decisions about these countries. This will help you feel comfortable. You can not pay your debt if you adhere to your partner's commitment on Saturday.


I must be.


It is prudent to choose a woman. Talk to an unknown person who is shy. Or, choose one of the goals you want every day (like pleasure). If it's hot, you feel safe. Many people can be confused. You can not sell 6 or 6 packages, but women show that they look and enjoy their skin.


Do not tell me


Do not attend the event. Save the message temporarily. I do not want to start a good day. Today is your best opportunity to share news in the future. Do not be afraid to help the meeting by asking questions every day. The kiss is important because it shows that your words are interesting to you.


Keep talking


Use the toll-free number I do not want to explain why I did not like the tasks I faced when I started or other problems. Women like to laugh, laugh and ask good questions. Yes, sometimes I have to talk seriously, but first I feel good.


Do not use previous conversations.


Let's say you have a dangerous place. The best thing is to end the conversation. Your day is not funny. You have problems When the sun asks, it shrinks (of course). Imagine that the story disappears and you want to read it for a while.


Turn off your phone


It is not good to talk or go with friends. Pleasure Do not close or close because you might be afraid. Turn off the phone completely. If you turn off your phone and focus too much, time and time will tell.


8. Payment


Everything has changed and many women are thinking of paying money. The first time you click (or do not click). It feels good, but if you want to spend, you must request your account for the next meeting.


9. Care


If you do not need a day, you can tell him what you are reading. You feel it is fast and you are hurt. Say this: "Today he is happy." Do not play if you want to navigate. Of course, the movie will be available in two days, but if you do not contact us in 2016, you will not use it for a few days. Is not it better to tell him you're a good man?


Find answers for your business


It is not only what we learned in school. But we must be careful and see how it develops. But if you want to increase your work experience, why not talk to your girlfriend? Talk about the date, what you are doing and what you are talking about. Everyone has different ideas, but the next day can provide useful information on how to improve. Then there is a waiting line and the key is shown at the top. Take a deep breath, then relax and relax.

That's that.


Wow, some eye-opening stuff. With that, I'll bid you a temporary farewell. I must get back to the visual novel I've been so eagerly planning forward. If you found this funny and helpful, tell your friends about it. If you didn't, don't. Thanks for reading, my nickname is Mikkelson and I wish you a productive day. (By the way, now it's sunny out)


Love ya!



"It's not an obstacle, it's only a complication." -Someone clever



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