XII -Teppo

Gather round my loyal followers, gather round! I have a special announcement to make. I remember the first time I began writing on my trusty iPhone's notepad and just watched by as text generated almost as if by itself. Oh, what awful times they were, truly worthy of reminiscence. Without your continuous support, we wouldn't have gotten this far and have made such an impact on society as a whole. This calls for a toast as well as moment of celebration, for this depressive blog has turned ten Entries old!

Sorry, what?


Back when it would've just been ten, now it's more like twelve. We've had our fun and all, but it's time to get serious. Sometimes I feel like renaming this blog. This here should be called "Adverse Writings of a Distressed Jackass" instead, for here I am again sharing my thoughts. Dawn is drawing closer every night. Yesterday I started writing at 3:30, today it's 5:30. Don't fret, I already slept for a good three hours earlier.


Only difference this time is the lack of anxiety. No, this time I'm writing purely for the sake of producing quality content as the sweet and considerate blogger I am. For you, my dear reader, you deserve the best and best only. Welcome to the smoking hot AWDJ discussion, bringing you sexy readers daily news straight from the back of my messy mind since September. You know, how this blog used to be called Arctic Writer with a Dusty Journal.


I got my driver's license three weeks ago. With it comes great amount of freedom, sided with responsibility. You know, the kind where you wouldn't kill anyone, preferably. I see this as a chance to have plenty of new experiences. Like sleeping in your car inside a parking hall or making sweet "What is Love Jim Carrey" -styled music videos without having your parents ruin the experience. You know, all that good stuff. I'd love to go on a budget roadtrip and sleep in the car. The comfort-seeking person that I am, sleeping in a cold car in winter would do nicely for me.


You know what they say, "Give fire to a homeless person and they will stay warm for the night, but set a homeless person on fire and they will stay warm for the rest of their life."


Sorry, read that two weeks ago on a thread while on a walk and I was cracking up the entirety of my way home. Prolly tells something about the little devilish influence in my head, you sadistic maggot.

Introducing Teppo, the everybody and nobody.


I no longer have the coat of anonymity, which results in censoring what I can and cannot reveal about my friends and relatives. Without their consent, it's unlikely to be able to share as much. But as we all know, here at AWDJ we tell you only the juiciest of gossip and the new target shall be referred as under the pseudonym “Teppo“. Teppo understands the need of the people and is very much tolerable towards his or hers public image. Hereby Teppo is gender-neutral, free of political beliefs and totally stripped of any personifications and must be addressed to as "they". Teppo is just human. Teppo is whatever you want them to be. Okay, enough introductions, let's quit beating around the bush and cut to the chase.

Addressing Teppo, the guest of every story.


So, what is Teppo to a larger extent? We had a ridiculously long discussion with a friend of mine on the topic. Seriously, to understand Teppo completely we should've had it all recorded. Unfortunately this isn't the case, however, so I'll try to explain it the best of my capabilities. Please bear with me.


As stated before, Teppo is whatever you want them to be. At heart, Teppo is just your average Joe. The averagest of Joes, in fact. Have you seen the photos where like a million different faces have been stacked together, transparent just so you can see through each and every one of them. Of course, you wouldn't be able to distinguish a certain one from the mix. However, the outcome is a total average of all those faces. That's what Teppo looks like. Teppo has no personality traits or features, they just are.




Before you're completely worn out by this description and decide to turn another page, hear me out. There's another side of Teppo, the more visible side.

Imagining Teppo, the fabricated embodiment.


When you or I talk about them, it's always our own conception of Teppo, which is the exception. Think of it as Allah of Islam. Illustrating physical appearance of Allah is strictly prohibited. This forces everyone to have their own idea of what Allah would look like if one were to think of them as a physical creature.


Now merge that thought with Teppo. Attempt to picture them as a whole. What does your Teppo look like? Even though we almost came to a conclusion of creating our own religion, luckily this is not the case. Our personal embodiment of Teppo was a wrinkly-faced old hag wearing a bathrobe and they located inside our bathroom, ready to scare whoever stepped inside. One might figure out that this Teppo is, indeed, an artificial scarecrow-like structure made as a prank. That was the initial concept of Teppo a few years ago. It must be difficult to comprehend what I'm so struggling to explain to you readers.


If you've catched on the fact that Teppo is basically a concept for us to imagine and perhaps even internalized it truly, I seriously congratulate you. Now that we have a slight understanding on the matter, the Teppo we have here as mentioned earlier, is the subject of most of our stories here on AWDJ. Got that? Thanks! Whether in reality I might be talking about my mother, employer, cousin or even my best friend's dog, they might appear here as Teppo. I won't continue on the matter to avoid confusing you even further.

Congratulations, dear reader.


I've been quite frequently complaining about the way I write. Some might even say, baselessly. It might take me a really long time to find that right word for a specific sentence to complement it. I bet that's a basic trouble for someone who writes for a living or like I do, as a past-time activity. Although I feel like there's been a slight improvement over time, there remains one word that I cannot seem to get rid of or even limit it's use sufficiently. Word in question is "I". When you write about yourself and your own points of view essentially, that word is inevitable. I feel like a fucking narcist everytime I see it being used more than once in a single sentence, or in many sentences in a row. See?


Excusing yourself is important, for none of us is perfect. I've only recently begun to write as passionately as you see here. This post here could've easily been written in a couple of hours or less, like most of my other late posts are. That is, I'm not even writing in my own native language, which would be even easier and fluent. Just remember that talent comes only with practise and time. No one should compare themselves to a professional, especially when only just starting on a said skill branch. No one knows how to juggle with six pins first time trying, I guarantee you that much.


Lately I've been thinking of starting on poetry, for some **cough** reason **cough**. Partly to improve my vocabulary and depiction skills, but also because I've begun to see writing as a beautiful form of art. Literature has never specifically caught my attention until a couple years back, when I started to blog on Tumblr and wrote my first and only video game reviews there.


If you've got any tips and advice for me to become a better writer, or wish to share some of your own life stories, feel free to do so by either commenting down anywhere where I can find it or send me an e-mail to miko.lankinen@gmail.com. By no means am I offended if you confront me personally. This blog is no longer anonymous. Thanks for reading, it's been a while since I last published a main Entry post. Wish to hear from you someday, love ya!



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December 10th, 2017

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