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The following is a Visual Novel project in works under the production name Freetimeideas. Freetimeideas is not a licensed name, but it might be one day. Since taking expressive writing and working my way up towards more versatile paths, an old story came to mind: An old video game idea turned to a fantasy novel. Brilliant.


Back in the day, game development seemed like such a cool concept. “Me too!“ I gave up on it as I discovered my incompetence in programming. This idea for a story is an old abandoned video game project originating from 2012 that hasn‘t been touched until this very January (2018).


Long story short, I used an old foundation of a video game to begin writing a visual novel. Let the description below serve as a teaser.


Mens'est Artifex – Five Viewpoints

By Freetimeideas


The mind is an interesting thing. Never will it's secrets completely unfold to science. Through the mind is how you perceive the world and through the mind is how to react. Mind has also the amazing ability to create. Generally speaking, one can "imagine".


Forget where you are and where you come from. This is somewhere completely different. Welcome to Ceria, the land of the isolated. Ceria is a land surrounded by the Great Forest and inhabits a whole nation of different people. Like any other fantasy world, this one has shared it's own sets of calamity, conflict and joys. After all, there are no original ideas. Only unique concepts created by mixing together already existing ideas.

Episode Zero:

The Viewer


What is your name? Where do you live? Do you mind what people think of you? How do you treat difference in people? Are you happy with yourself?


Thank you. Ceria will remember you.

Episode One:

Kingdom of Disharmony


Meet Elson, an orphanized boy from a nearby village, Oldé Harmsh. There are many things that a young lad should not have to go through. Things like losing your parents to a mysterious entity refered to as "the phantom" and consequently learning to cope with your sorrow and taking care of yourself at such a young age. Indeed, a boy can get truly lost if left alone in the country of the isolated.


One day, Elson is attending a coronation ceremony gone horribly wrong and he's once again reminded of his past and given an opportunity to right the wrongs and uncover what's left in the dark. Join Elson in his journey to unfold the truth behind “the phantom”, the death of his parents and ultimately, himself.

Episode Two:

Between Loyalty and Patriotism


Alja Whithom is a simple girl from the village, only to have her life changing thoroughly in few measly weeks. She's reminded of the matter of a long gone brother, living away in another town. Exposing lies on top of lies told by the people she loves, she decides to take the reigns and start her own life in the kingom capital, Muranda. Transforming from a shy village girl to a significant member of society, she is bound to come across many new people and drama involving her personal life. People come and go, but you've got to move on towards your goals.


At some point, you've got to stay rational and distinguish the wrongs from the rights. Sometimes, what you feel inside doesn't matter.

Episode Three:

The Legend of Herald


A jester of his own kind, Loy is a man who just happens to stumble in the right places in the wrong time. Adopting a fake name, he decides to take on a new identity and become a hero. Well, let's just say that everything doesn't happen for a reason and everyone is not fit for great deeds.

Episode Four:



What is on the other side of the Great Forest? That is the most frequently asked question among all citizens of Ceria. In fact, no one knows and none has come back to tell them. It is told that the forest knows your fears, desires and memories and makes you prone to terrible occurrences if you decide to traverse through.


Garnert is one of the few brave ones who are determined to try answering the most asked riddle; What is on the other side? The first step into the forest, even Garnert is aware there's no turning back. Even if he made it to the other side, he is never seeing Ceria or the people of it again.


What to expect and when?


Don't get fooled by the clichés, there's a bigger mystery that connects all these chapters together, despite being vastly different in nature and ambience.


There you have it. Every episode is a different genre and setting in the same world. There's introduction, a hero's tale, family drama mixed with personal growth, tragicomedy and psychological horror, in that specific order. Whether this is a cue to get excited or not is entirely up to you. At first I was aiming to make this visual novel a reality by 2021, but life got in the way. Let's just say that it is done when it is done. There may be a few trailers, public announcements and perhaps a kick-starter campaign once I've got everything running and much further ahead in the development plan.


If you're interested in hearing more or how you could help, hit my inbox with an inquiry.



"It's ridiculous to judge a book by it's contents. It’s important distinguish the outcome and the vision from one another. Not everyone's that great at expressing themselves, you know." -A character from Mens'est Artifex







May 13th, 2018 (Edited March 31st, 2019)

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