R7 -Nier Automata - Video Game

Hello world!


In which ways may I point my appreciation towards you – oh fine citizen of nation Earth – for existing here beside me and finding your way into this here domain? Don't be so humble! As always, it’s great to have you here. Let me begin by saying welcome and inviting you to embrace this unity while it lasts! Our existence is but a trivial one at best, let alone a miracle to begin with. One could chuckle and ask “Pff.. what unity?“


It is 2019 and climate change is turning into a crisis. Quoting one dharma teacher, one of the finest people I've ever met: "I don't think this is the worst that has happened to mankind. If you look at it from another angle, this crisis might bring us closer together. We all live on the same globe, after all."


Now, where does this all take us? No matter how urgent this crisis is turning, I'm still not seeing changes on a sociological level. Am I among the few who actually cares about this planet enough to make a few sacrifices in order to help towards preserving it?


            “But my deeds alone won’t make a difference.“


That line right there, ironically, exists only to not make a difference. If you don’t make the initial move, how can you trust anyone will? On the contrary, if you’re thinking that your actions don’t matter because everyone else is already saving the planet – that you can live comfortably gluttonous and caped in disinterest – everyone else might be doing that as well. If you don’t do your part, how can you trust anyone will do theirs? YOU, be the one to make the initiative.


My mother keeps implying that I’m going to reproduce. Of course it is natural for her to feel that way. Truth is that I don’t know whether that sort of life aligns with my values; perhaps not at this point. If I’m going to have children, I want to make sure they're raised in a world worth living in. At the same time, she has plenty to improve in recycling, ethical consumerism and ecological transportation. She’s not alone, we’re all to blame. To an extent. You see, whether you loiter around in the shower for a couple or couple dozen minutes is just a matter of choice. Do you need to feel comfortable all the time? As living organisms, we enjoy being comfortable.


After you die, what’s going on in the world has no meaning to you. But if you care enough about your continued heritage, be part of sustainable development.


Immersion: A deep mental involvement in something.


Video games are becoming a potential medium of storytelling to change the way people think. In fact, it's already been like that for a long time. Much like books and movies, video games can share influential stories and discuss real life ethics. Video games are rapidly growing to become a platform worth taking seriously by the general public. Just like movies, comic books and even books back in the day, new stuff tend to have a bad image. How video games separate from other forms of storytelling, however, is its given nature to manipulate you on a personal level. What happens and how it happens is up to the player. YOU are an active part of this story, rather than a bystander watching all it happening. The story is happening to YOU!


I could name countless video games and how they changed the way I think, such as Undertale with its attack on video game ethics. Higurashi taught me to fight paranoia and Soma made me reconsider the idea of teleportation and mind transfer. It appears various video games are filled with deep philosophy.


Nier: Automata led me to think differently about robots and artificial intelligence. Are they really all that different from us?

Took a peek at the title, did you? Fair enough.

Let’s talk Nier: Automata:


I think Platinum Games and Square Enix fit Nier: Automata into a neat spot in history. The AI scene has been booming for a while and raising some heavy questions around robot ethics. The game was released in 2017, around the same time the first social humanoid robot, an android named Sophia gained legal citizenship in Saudi-Arabia. Hanson Robotics created Sophia, an artificial intelligence, capable of carrying simple to moderate conversations. Sophia uses visual data processing and can recognize facial features, emotions and gestures to help her choosing responses.  Although she has received criticism of resembling more like a chatbot than a legit AI, it‘s all still pretty impressive. It won’t be too long before we have real life androids walking and talking among us, like us. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but you know...


Spoiler disclaimer!


There’s a video on Youtube which combines all of the story bits and significant parts of gameplay, resulting in a 9 hour “movie“. If you're convinced to take a look, return when you’re done with it. The rest of us, let’s continue.


Nier: Automata is a story about sentient mechanical lifeforms seeking purpose for their existence.


When we reach the time a robot could act as if it was fully sentient and capable of making decisions, are we obligated to give them legal rights to exist?


What happens when a machine discovers the fact that its sole purpose is to service man?


Yoko Taro takes a new perspective on the post-apocalyptic scene. Instead of starring a cast of humans, our heroes are androids who act just like humans. At first glance, one wouldn’t notice the difference. They look like humans. They act like one. They express emotions like one. Their architecture – dare I say “anatomy“ – work just as mine and yours; they bleed, they breathe and they ache. Only, they’re not humans. They’re just mechanical lifeforms out to defend mankind. There are no people, there are only units.


It is year 11 945; the 14th machine war is raging down on Earth. These conflicts are fought between machines that aliens brought to Earth millenias ago, and androids, the humanoid robots starving to reclaim Earth. When the aliens invaded Earth, the crisis forced the whole of mankind to retreat to the surface of the moon. Thus, Earth was lost. Androids, modeled after their human counterparts, were deployed to retaliate against the intruders.


"Attention all androids: Thousands of years have passed since we humans were driven to the moon. And while the war remains deadlocked, we know that our continued safety is only possible thanks to your valiant efforts on the ground. We ask that you continue giving your all to the mission of recapturing Earth from the scourge of the machines! Glory to mankind." -Council of Humanity

YoRHa: For the glory of mankind.


Meet our protagonists: 2B and 9S, two YoRHa units coincidentally partnered up to set out on an intelligence gathering mission. They had already helped each other on a previous mission, so there's no need for introductions. 2B was ordered to look into the matter of missing androids in the field and 9S, as a scanner unit, was deployed to accompany her. 2B is a “Battle“ unit, hence the letter “B“. 2B is most suited for combat missions. 9S is a “Scanner“ android, units who master the art of data inquiry and hacking. Operator “6O“ is responsible for their information exchange via bunker communications. There are numerous battle, scanner and operator units in action, each with their own designation number.


YoRHa units are new elite military android models who are constantly fighting the machine lifeforms, so that one day the remaining human survivors can return to Earth. YoRHa was established at the end of the 13th machine war. As a fresh organization, these units come off as different compared to older models residing at the Earth's surface: “the resistance“. As for the refugees on the moon, resources are regularly imported from Earth to be sent to the moon. Moon isn't all that sustainable for living, after all.


What once used to a flourishing city is now reduced to ruins, left only to reflect what human life once might have looked like. The passing millenia allowed nature to bloom through concrete and reclaim what once belonged to it. There‘s no one left to object, for the remaining lifeforms living on Earth are now busy waging war on each other. Androids and robots can only speculate how society circulated down here by studying arbitrary artifacts and posters. Whatever survived the desolation.


Searching for the missing androids deep into the desert, 2B and 9S find their way into a nest of machines. So far, only a few machines have shown hostile behaviour. As far as we're concerned, all machines are programmed to prioritize the destruction of androids and humans above all else; a fact that makes this sort of behavior even stranger. In the nest, one machine is tending to a child machine meanwhile others are doing what seems to be mating. Of course, machine lifeforms have no means of reproducing by organic measures, they are assembled beings after all. What on Earth taught them to behave like this?


            “My. Love. My. Love.“

            “Don't listen to them 2B!“

            “Together. Forever. Together. Forever.“

          “They don't have any feelings.“

            “Carry. Me. Feed. Me.“

          “They're just imitating human speech.“


With 2B and 9S disturbing their peaceful home, the machines go berserk. Desperately they try to defend their home. “This cannot continue.“, echoes the chant once they realize fighting these aggressive androids is nothing short of futility. The machines form into a huge pod. Despite their simple shells, it would be difficult to understand how they work as a network. From the pod hatch two humanoid creatures. Make no mistake, these things are not human. Meet Adam and Eve. Fighting these newborn machines is too dangerous, there's not enough data; Better make haste! 2B and 9S manage to escape the chaos and return back to the resistance camp.


            “It stopped. Looks like we're safe now.“

            “What the hell just happened?“

            “I know! I've never seen a machine like that before.“



Three chandeliers are scattered across a long table, as though prepared to host a big party; the whole scenery might perhaps be stolen from the Mad Hatter himself. However, these gatherings don't involve much tea and much less nightmarish cats and worked up rabbits. Just the two of them, the ever-so-curious Adam and childlike Eve. There's so much to learn about humans, so much.


            “Why must we read all these books, brother?“

            “Knowledge expands horizons and enriches existence.“

            “But can't we just transfer all this data over instantly?“

            “Into your head, perhaps. But not to your heart.“

            “My name? Eve? This book says it's a woman's name.“

            “Humans wouldn't change names so easily. Besides, you should be proud of the name Eve.“


            “Umm... After we're done reading, can we go out and play?“

            “All right. But only after we're finished.“

            “You mean it!? Then I'm gonna try extra hard to finish this!“


Adam and Eve are like an older and younger brother. They were born from a machine pod and thus inherited the entire network's database. There's so much data on humans.. Yet still so much left to learn.




Apparently people used to have these districts with lots of colorful attractions and devices, posing as forms of entertainment. 2B and 9S step into a machine-infested amusement park. Colorful streamers create a party spirit, balloons used coincidentally to fill the atmosphere with an alien sensation. Dozens of robots all around and not the slightest sign of conflict. Machines come in many different forms, some with clown costumes and funny algorithms.


            “Oh, wHAt fUN! Oh, WhAt Fun!“

            “Let'S bE haPpy TogetHER!“



13 machine wars behind us, 14th on the rage: It's strange, if not ominous to encounter machines like this. They clearly don't hold fighting nearly as dear as most of their worn counterparts. Is this, too, something they've learned from observing intact human artifacts?


A deserted theater is habitated by an unknown foe. She is covered in mutilated YoRHa units! Crucified androids begin falling on the theater floor. These androids were stripped to their cores and hacked to obey their new master: Beauvoir.




They have only one command at this point: to hack and attack the enemy, their own kin. How could machines do something this fucked up? With his hacking abilities, 9S enters Beauvoir‘s memory space just as the sadistic thing is about to get blown to pieces...



Long ago, an old machine lifeform told me something: “Beauty is what wins love.“

I still don't understand what it means to love someone. But I've made up my mind.

Not a moment passed where I didn't strive to become more beautiful. But he still won't look my way.

After researching the old world, I finally learned the truth.

Beauty is pretty skin.

Beauty is stylish accessories.

Beauty is looking one's best.

I slipped on cliffs. I fell onto rocks. But eventually I claimed the jewel.

Blue stone. Brilliant blue. So beautiful.

There's a rumor floating around lately: “Devour the body of an android to gain eternal beauty.“

Such nonsense. But I tried anyway. I would try anything.

I ate androids. I even ate machine lifeforms. But he still won't look my way.

Why have I done this to myself? I gaze into the mirror. In it's reflection, I see only my own meaninglessness. And so I scream..


            someone        please             look                my                  way




Beauvoir comes crumbling down like all of its tyrannized victims. Their circuits were kept alive only by that enemy. A lively theater just moments ago that once might have represented major cultural value for humans became a desolate android cemetery. How unfortunate, how unfortunate.


            “That machine had some pretty weird things to say, huh? It's almost like it had actual emotions--“

            “The machines don't have feelings. You said that yourself.“

            “Yeah I.. I guess.“


By defeating the strange singing machine, some of the machines were freed from it‘s influence. As a sign of gratitude, the freed individuals offered to take 2B and 9S to their village, away from the other machines. All androids, especially YoRHa, are taught to treat all machine lifeforms as the enemy. Earth must be reclaimed from the enemy. The enemy must be eliminated. All machines must die. However, all is not so black and white as leads to believe. Meet Pascal, the leader of a peaceful village. These machines are cut out of the network and lead a pacific lifestyle deep in a forest, away from desolation and other machines. Pascal‘s village is full of child robots, entire families and some odd mischiefs, such as one self-centered philosophical doofus, Jean-Paul. The other robots are tired of hearing his meaningless banter about this thing called “existentialism“ and “essence“. What is “philosophy“, anyway?


It‘s been more than six thousand years since the aliens invaded Earth and poured machines down on us. The machines live on but no sign of the aliens has been detected in ages. Are the aliens gone? Based on the various behavioral patterns of the machines, one can make an observation supporting this very conclusion. The fact alone that there are groups of machines acting on free spirit, cut out of the network – network which, presumably, holds responsible for dictating orders upon its subjects – signals the disappearance of their command, the aliens. Where could they have gone? Leaving these binary lifeforms to handle their own for such a long time allowed them to evolve into somewhat sentient beings, capable of developing fresh neural networks and act in unpredictable, yet coherent ways. But.. machines don‘t have feelings, right? They‘re just a bunch of algorithms and programs.


Like clockwork, hell rains upon the ruined city as huge goliath class machinery emerge from God knows where. After a fierce battle to rid the city of those devilish beasts, what remains is a huge cave-in beneath the city. All of YoRHa come to realize that the aliens that went silent all those centuries ago were just hiding underground. Rather... their wasted shells did. 2B and 9S find themselves inside a dead alien mothership, a structure that once terrorized Earth and it's citizens.


Seems that at some point, the machines turned on their leaders once they felt no longer needed. The aliens only wanted to conquer Earth and spread out as it's new inhabitats, which wasn't okay with the machines. This is the end result, which would explain why some machines work on their own “free-will“. Adam and Eve reveal this very truth themselves in the desolate spaceship during an unfortunate encounter. An untrained eye couldn't distinguish these two machines from any android or human. There's a lot to learn. In this world, you learn by pain and suffering.


            “Time grows short. This here... this is the fate that befell our creators.“

            “As for your beloved humans... I guess we'll see, don't we?“


9S goes missing after an unfortunate turn of events.


The elevator descends in it's shaft and reaches to bottom floor. An ethereal light outside soon illuminates the elevator carrying 2B, who's on her way looking for 9S. 2B's assistant pod detected a faint black box signal from down here a while earlier. All she sees is white, blocky structures meant to resemble something out of a human picture book. Now, between you and me, what you're seeing might actually be closer to a preserved European part of town from the 15th century. This renaissance world is built using crystallized silicon and carbon. Despite 2B standing out, the only thing off about this area would be the deliberately placed YoRHa corpses, perhaps to lure her further.


            “Welcome.. to my beloved city.

            I... or we machine lifeforms, I suppose... have a keen interest in humanity.           

            This city is one of many areas I created out of a desire to understand humans.“


Who else but Adam would utter such words. The man who yearns to destroy humanity but gains so much enthusiasm from their culture, how they lived. The machine who wills to bring out the extreme in order to learn. 9S hangs above the two, crucified from a dozen points across his body. The only way to save him would be to kill Adam. Let's get down to business.


            “The core of humanity... is conflict.

            They fight. Steal. Kill. THIS is humanity in it's purest form.

            I strive to attain nothing less than the essence of humanity itself.

            We machines exist in a connected network. We are immortal. Invincible.

            And yet, within all those infinite bits of data, there exists not even the merest flicker of being. Of life.

            Death – even the concept of death – has no meaning to us.“


...Adam lies quiet in a pool of it's own spilled liquid, defeated in the battle he so enjoyed having. You could say that this being is now "dead". Just wait until you see his brother, who's about to find out that Adam, the only thing that mattered to him, is now cut in two and dead in his own copied city.




The child held sway over enormous strength.

But he was also a little bit broken.

He spent his long days hurting those around him.

He tried his best to be good and kind.

But despite his efforts, things never seemed to turn out.

They told him he was unwanted.

They abandoned him in the deep, dark ocean.

And from the cold at the bottom of the sea, he cried out...

Mother..         Mother..




Before 9S had gone missing, all of YoRHa battled an enourmous beast that emerged from the ocean. It had great power, enough to perhaps destroy an entire civilization before put down. The mechanical beast rose a thousand and one meters tall and started rampaging. This poor child could not sustain it's own power. It was just looking for acceptance and love.


Everything is lost for Eve, who is now mourning the death of his brother. He controls the whole machine army is the proximity and launches an all out attack in his rage. But as with  every story, 2B and 9S see it 'til the end and beat the bad guy. The end? Hahaha, HARDLY!


This is just the beginning.

Nier: Automata


Let me just ask one thing. If we really did leave Earth behind and someone came digging around, what kind of impression would they have of us? It's just as though you were away and someone came snooping around in your bedroom without your consent: Their discoveries would find speak for themselves and you wouldn't be around to throw excuses. Sometimes the truth can be the most painful thing; and sometimes it has to be the third party to discover it. Beauty is pretty skin and stylish accessories, right?


The following information is classified as confidential and therefore must not be enclosed to any member of YoRHa, save from the commander.


Following the collapse of Project Gestalt in the 35th century, remaining androids remained on Earth to fight the machines and preserve human life. Roughly 800 years later humans went extinct and a server was sent to the surface of the moon, designed to send regular transmissions; dummy data. The extinction of the human race was to be kept hidden.


Project YoRHa was established as a method to lift android morale and give them something to fight for.


The following information is classified as confidential and therefore must not be enclosed to any member of YoRHa, including the commander.


Project YoRHa was established to collect combat data for upcoming android models and to perpetuate the lie that humans reside on the moon. Upon completion, it is time to switch for new models and activate the backdoor of the bunker. The bunker and YoRHa members are designed to be deliberately disposed of by a virus. All archives that exist concerning project YoRHa and the falsification of human survivors on the moon will be complete.




Strips of hair fall in memory of the passed YoRHa unit 2B, one of mankind's last hopes gone infected by a spread of virus. Her death was inevitable. Her legacy is carried on to A2, who deserted command long ago in realization. A2 draws back her sword from the body of 2B. This poor dead android's mission now became her own.


But hang on...

Hang on!


This has been quite a journey, hasn't it? Have you even had the chance to catch a breath and comprehend what's going on? It's all over! Mankind's gone! Mankind's been gone for millenia! The war still rages on. What the hell are we fighting for? The virus spreads to erase all of YoRHa from the face of the Earth. Even if it didn't, what would it matter? YoRHa was only created to be erased. There never was a mankind to protect. There is no future for androids on Earth. They aren't assigned one.


There’s only two of us left to fight. Two androids, on their quest to kill every last machine. The last hope of mankind, long gone. Even A2 and 9S end up inevitably killing each other.


            “Didn't you know? We aren't required in this world anymore. Humanity is extinct. That moon server was invented to give us androids something to fight for. In order to make sure no one ever learned the truth, we were DESIGNED to be killed. Me? 2B? Sacrificial lambs, all of us. Isn't that HILARIOUS!? Doesn't it make you LAUGH!? You killed 2B. That's all we need to kill each other.“


            “The 9S type is a high-end model. They knew you'd discover the truth eventually. But the model designation “2B“ was just a cover. The official designation... is 2E. Number 2. Type E. They were a special class of members designed to execute YoRHa units. But you knew that... Right, 9S?“


            “Shut up... Shut up!“


Was there a point to this last struggle?


9S quickly lost his mind after seeing 2B die in the hands of A2, who was actually just saving her from embracing corruption. A2 quickly started seeing life in a new light after helping Pascal in time of need. The virus hit his village too. Despite evacuating to the factory with his children, fear overcame them and brought them to delf-destruct. A room full of minors who impaled themselves with swords. Pascal just lost everything. But machines aren't supposed to have emotions. Right?


Remember when I told you machines are just a bunch of algorithms and program? Ask yourself: How do they differ from us humans, honestly? Aren‘t androids mechanical, too? And to that extent, what about us humans? Isn't a brain just a complicated network of neurons that pass electric signals around, just like a mess of wires? What is really different from us and them? A soul? Can you really look at these beings and tell me they cannot “feel“, as in FEEL? More importantly, can you look in the mirror and convince that you are not a machine yourself?




As long as we have something to fight for, there’s meaning in our lives. We need motives, carriers of motivation to drive us forward. If there was nothing to fight for, why exist in the first place? If… one day you discovered that your efforts are meaningless, do you stop? When someone beats you down, do you stop? When you‘re lost, do you stop? After losing everything, do you stop?




Maybe there is no purpose. If all we‘re meant to be is to decay, why do we exist in the first place? Why are we granted consciousness?


            “Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle...and wonder if we'll ever get the chance to kill him.“ -2B




Video games used to be purely these things that we consume for leisure and promote social interaction and entertainment. But as time goes on, video games too grow potential to be so much more than that. It just depends on what you do with it. Some video games might change your life, change you for the better. Even calling most video games today "games" has become trivial.


I spend 35 hours of my life in this thought provoking virtual world. Time well spent.




There was a cult of machines down underground that sought serenity through religious practices. The machines developed a belief. By relieving yourself from your yoke of iron can you achieve the joy of the heavens. An outsider could feel the oppressing atmosphere pressing against their sanity as countless robots in robes chanted “BECOME AS GODS. BECOME AS GODS.“ all the while killing each other. You see, the only way to reach ultimate form is to die. Leave your physical being. Kill yourself. Become ethereal. You too shall become as gods. We should all die and become as gods. Become as gods. BECOME AS GODS.




I might lack healthy criticism when it comes to emotional stories, but there‘s more. What Nier: Automata does is participating in the never-ending discussion over the purpose of life, giving out its own point of view. I think it‘s important to discuss these things. I, for one, have found tranquility reflecting my life and what it means (hint, I don't think it means anything). I do not fear death. More specifically, I do not fear what lies beyond death. Nier: Automata copes heavily with these topics, in such a way we can only watch and speculate. None of the events in Nier: Automata are relevant to us at the present moment. How would we know how robots feel once they become conscious and start developing their own personalities? They might develop to become indistinguishable from us, honestly.




YoRHa is eliminated, therefore rendering the first phase successful. 2B, 9S and A2 are gone; it's just me now. After all we've been through, I'm making my way to the end. Alone. A lone shuttle pushing through hardships, avoiding opposition wherever I can. I must fight through this to reach the true conclusion, the true ending..


However.. It's just too much. I can't fight this alone. It's all just too much. Why won't anybody help me? I've pushed forward for so long, and for what? I've worked so hard to get here, so why can't I continue? I'm doing my best! Goddammit!


There are times when you can't be the hero. There are times when you just can't do it all by yourself. There are times when it's okay to ask for help. Most importantly, it's okay to accept help. Humility is not a weakness.


I got help.


Players all around the world helped me in my struggle. One after another, shuttles appeared around me to my aid. Without them, I wouldn't have seen it through. I'm grateful for the help from these people. I wish to become one of them and help others in return.


Is there anything I can do?


"You, Mikkelson, faithful player of this title, have lost your life multiple times to make it this far. You have faced crushing hardships, and suffered greatly for it. Do you have any interest in helping the weak? Selecting this option enables you to save someone somewhere in the world.“




“However, in exchange, you will lose all of your save data. Do you still wish to rescue someone – a total stranger – in spite of this? You may not receive thanks for your efforts. Some may even say that your efforts are purely for show. Do you still wish to help?“




“And you are truly – TRULY – sure about this?"




Losing a save file is like losing a nearly finished essay. A built house. A patiently prepared dish. A work-in-progress. Anything you put time and soul into making. After 35 hours of playing, I still intend to resume one day. Alas, I'll have to start from the beginning. However, if this is the price those people paid – people I don't know who assisted me in my time of need – then so be it.


True generosity is giving, despite your losses. Sure, I could've just said "Eh, I'm done with this anyway, so why not?", but what is the gain? If I'm not going to be genuine about it, why do anything at all? Sure, I would have felt guilty not offering anything, but that's a young feeling. After all, I feel good. Perhaps that's the moral of the story.

What remains?


Nier: Automata is different from other stories for me. There are countless tales of survival, some of which end up badly like this one. But this isn’t one man’s battle, it’s the battle for the whole of humanity. How is Nier: Automata different from others? I believe that in order to reach a conclusion, a goal needs to be either reached or crushed; this is the traditional way. Usually hope is lost when the remaining survivors cease to exist, therefore providing closure to their lives. In the case of Nier: Automata, we were deluded to believe human survivors existed. Because, the androids aren’t the ones who are supposed to survive. No one is fighting for them. They can't think a life for themselves. Glory to mankind! That’s why YoRHa was supposedly established, to maintain fighting morale for the androids. Androids are given a will, emotions and a purpose. But why are the androids in Nier: Automata given emotions? To give them ethics? Morals? To carry on the legacy of humanity? The androids were modeled after their human counterparts. I'd love to imagine that in order to bring out the best of humanity, it was necessary to design them like this. Now, this raises a question: If artificial intelligence was intentionally given emotions and morals, would that help to prevent the dreaded machine revolution from happening?


Once we found out mankind was long extinct, we lost our purpose to fight on. In fact, we were rid of the things we thought to be true. We were betrayed. If one day you discovered that your efforts have been meaningless, do you stop? Androids don’t have a future on Earth. Androids were just the tools for reclaiming the planet, the home of the people. It’s like dropping a puppy in a maze; it doesn’t know where to go. This is what made Nier: Automata different for me. We didn’t play the role of a human, but the ones who were supposed to protect them. Our duty was void. We still carry on like normal, but what for? Were 2B, A2 and 9S liberated? I hope so. 2B died on her mission and passed on her will: To protect everyone and to protect 9S. A2 finally joined those she once fought with. 9S let go of his hate and joined those he swore to destroy.


Would I have fought on in their place? Probably not. Do I think their efforts were futile? Most likely? Do I think this ending was justified? Absolutely.


Now, have a nice day.



            “Everything that lives is designed to end. They are perpetually trapped... in a never-ending spiral of life and death. However... life is all about the struggle within this cycle. That is what “we“ believe.“ -Pod 153







May 7th, 2019

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