Q3 -How do you overcome an addiction?

A disclaimer. This post is written for humoristic intent only and not to be used as an aid for serious addictions, thank you.



Don't deny it, you're addicted to something! Be it.. your phone? Sweets? Television? Alcohol? Overall sense of comfort? Perhaps even physical strain caused by work or exercise. Essentially, you're definitely addicted to something.

My most usual addictions consist of internet usage, a various video games or a specific substance, usually some sort of fruit. (Alright, candy fits that description too..)

When an addiction is recognized, most would become concerned with it, as they should. Fortunately none of my own addictions today affect my daily life and prevent me from living life as obligated. I take my own addictions with a laugh, because of my capability to overpower it if I wish to do so.

Therefore, I have developed an effective method to get rid of whatever's hogging my mind. I like to call them "urging desires", rather than addictions. That method is "Oversaturation"; exposing yourself to the specific desire as much as possible, for the shortest period of time possible. Let me clarify with a couple personal exhibits.

Exhibit A: Some people in my family recognize me for getting strong urging desires for fruits. Be it clementines, pears, pineapple, bananas, persimmons, bananas, anything. The latest culprit was none other than gherkins back in January. I mean, these delicious bastards are a gift straight from God itself!

So what did I do? Oversaturate! In the timespan of near three days, I consumed two huge glass jars of pickled gherkins, net weight of 750 grams each. Needless to say, after finishing the rest of them, the urge was extiguished momentarily.

Exhibit B: I started a new video game that got me completely, utterly hooked. I just wanted to go on and on without stop. So what did I do about it? Oversaturated myself by binge-playing through it in a couple of days. Yeah, it might not be exactly healthy to play for ten hours a day, but if I'm able to complete the game and extinguish the urge in just three days, I think it's totally worth it. (Taken you're unemployed or vacant like I am and don't have any daily business, then it's okay.)

After overexposing yourself to the urged object, following these instructions, I dare argue that you not getting tired with it is an exception. Fancy it as you will, Oversaturating has been an useful method for me to rid myself of these irritating urges.

I rest my case.


-This message was written during the lunch and coffee breaks at my five-day work contract.-



“Jack of all trades, master of none, though ofttimes better than master of one.“ -Somebody







July 14th, 2018

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