Q7 -What do I think of censorship?


What good is it to cover ourselves from the truth? Dictators and leaders of strong hierarchy forbid those of lower authority to speak their minds and thus prevent a truthful perspective to be heard. Of course not everyone’s views are the truth, but everyone should be allowed to express how they feel. Fortunately, in this time and age it is widely possible to do so, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to speak so boldly about things myself. (As if I did.)

I’m heavily against censorship, though I might not seem like it. When the breathing environment around you behaves in a certain way, to your beliefs or against them, it affects your way of thinking, true. You are the product of your surroundings. Using a heavy example, that’s what propaganda and brainwash are all about. You become unclear as to what is the truth and what isn’t.

I’m always wary as to what content is appropriate for young children and whether I should tell my nephew why their is yowling and shoves her butt everywhere. I wasn’t shocked as a child when I learned about sex and saw a lot of violence in various forms of media. This all happened at a very young age.


Despite all that, there’s a voice in my head that tells me to “protect the children, censor everything potentially dangerous for their healthy mental development!“ that I try to suppress everytime. Because that’s not in sync with my own beliefs. It just happens that the culture we live in strives to build a ”safe” environment and it has affected even my way of thinking.

Okay, we can’t get rid of censorship. Then let’s talk about reviewing the content to censor. One good example for me to this day would be the interactive-storytelling video game ”The Wolf Among Us” by Telltale Games.

Since Telltale started doing the Walking Dead series, their style could be described as gruesome, violent and rough. Their products are of high quality and have touched the hearts of many people, but are rated M for mature for a good reason. There’s a good deal of cussing and gore visible in their games. I’m fine with that, of course.

Then, let’s talk about The Wolf Among Us. In short, it’s a murder mystery featuring a cast of various Disney characters in our modern urban world. Based on Bill Willingham’s comic book series ”Fables”, it became a success among the public audience.

Now, there’s a scene in the very first episode where the protagonist comes home late and finds something on his doorstep. It’s the decapitated head of a woman, left there as a warning. Okay, the public is okay with this because it fits the story well.

Then, fast forward to the second episode and we have a heavy discussion between the protagonist and one of the antagonists. The scene takes place in a club and there's a woman pole dancing completely topless and uncensored. See how I used ”uncensored” there but not in the previous segment? I remember reading from the forums how this caused a bit of a controversy among fans and reviewers alike. Maybe not as much from reviewers as your average gamers. Here’s a quote from one of the company’s own forum users:

            ”I loved everything about it until the second episode trailer, when some female nudity was seen outside an area. I think that nudity is an easy way to earn a mature rating, and I feel like it's unnecessary. The game is dark and smart without being obscene and blatantly immature. That is what I loved about your many series. But having nudity for the sake of nudity seems immature and pointless to character development or story.” -Neoncloudff, telltale community discussions.

Not to bash on the guy, but this is the problem today. The warped priorities in censorship. Put it simply: ”Which is more natural, an exposed body of a woman or a decapitated head?”

As a sidenote, I’m totally for freeing the nipple but also have the courtecy to lay low. Namely, avoiding sexual harrassment and assault. Sure, some of us have problems controlling our lust and end up doing some stupid and adverse stuff, but I don’t think censoring has ever helped solving that problem. I’ll leave that judgement to you, dear reader.






October 5th, 2018

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