Q1 -Are chat conversations worth saving?

You know. My iPhone 5s, which has been working like a dream since I first got it 2 years and 8 months ago, started losing it's will to live. Well, I have replaced the battery myself, twice. Now the sweat of those Chinese factory workers that’s in my new battery has started to lose it’s potent.

It first happened a week ago on Thursday, when my iPhone started to shut off whenever it felt like it. And you know what? It fell into a temporary coma. Yep, I couldn’t get it on at all, no matter how I waited and waited beside it’s deathbed. Well, the phone started working an hour later, but that’s not important! What’s important is what I went through my mind during all this..


            “Oh boohoo! You had to part with your smartphone for a little while? Get a life!”


No, it’s not really about that. I know people who would’ve gotten real mad when their phones don’t work like they should. Mainly myself, I was confused. Why now? Why so sudden? It worked fine like twelve hours ago, so what happened? I was not in sorrow that my phone may have died, I got money to buy a new one. Or preferably, an used one.


Of course I got a little lonely that I could not contact anyone and make Google searches (like seriously, Google is my notebook! Whatever comes in my mind, I Google it.), but I was mostly worried ‘cause I was currently working on my shift. I am a building supervisor. Weird, right! I write all these game reviews and make videos about.. Um.. Being the supervisor, I guess? But yeah, my work requires me being able to answer my phone for work tasks.

Here's for the title.


I was really concerned whether I was able to recover all my photos and chat conversations with my girlfriend, friends, group chats etc. Now that I think of it, why do we save chat records anyway?


I finally caught up with the new generation (I'm 19 by the way) and downloaded Snapchat. Wow, a shock, yah. What I didn't like about it though was the fact that it didn't automatically save all the snaps and chats you were getting and giving. Though, at that point I thought.. Why do we keep chat history anyway? It's not like (at least in my case) I'm gonna read through the whole thing, with today's chat habits, there are thousands and thousands of them!


Me being kind of a minimalistic person, I really wondered why was I so worried about losing conversations that I wasn't gonna read anyway. You can just save the most important ones, like the ones that you can use to remind you of something or some love letters, for example. That's what I do, just save the most important ones. Why should I care about the rest? I’m always stressing out about passing of time, so I think it’s a waste to stay in the past.

Sometimes I find the difficulty of letting things go.. Well, difficult.

This thought was triggered by a reddit post of someone asking how to save their chat history worth of tens of thousands of messages.

This post was written early 2017, as an ongoing series on ireview.tumblr.com called “Just a Thought I've Been Having“




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