Q8 -How can you work with climate change?

A man walked into a bar alone. This is not unusual, since he represents – what you might call – the "shut-in demographic", the group of people who have, involuntarily or not, difficulties making new connections with their peers. He makes an effort to step outside once the planets align and celebrates this by traversing to the nearest pub, perhaps manifesting his intentions of meeting someone new by dressing extraordinarily. In other words, he switches his usual jacket to a similar one that lacks the messy stains from his mystery everyday job. His name is Teppo. Even Teppo secretly yearns for human affection, be it brotherly or romantic, and by entering the pub he'd used all advice he's received about making friends. Therefore, Teppo stepped into the night. Besides, Teppo fails to see the attraction of a modern saloon where town pianist had been long replaced with boomboxes and where people fall into strangers arms no questions asked. Nevertheless, this is his night. The pub a whole kilometer further would have sexier and more interesting individuals, but since it is currently not the either solstice or Labor Day, there's absolutely no reason to bother. Even the current occassion doesn't recognize a reason to go overboard. This is enough for now.


Teppo gets a low volume drink and sets his eyes on an interesting female at the counter, on the customers' side, just conveniently next to him. Teppo makes an approach...



"Uh, hi."

"So... climate change, huh?"


Music stops. Heads turn. Everyone within two blocks sounds a deep sigh, the woman included.

So, that's a pair of minutes wasted. What's up with that!


The story you just read has nothing to do with the topic of this paper and exists only to butcher your bloody precious time. Thank me later. Conversely, it is very true that not everyone is happy with the constant and ever darkening talk of climate change (read crisis), which is fair. If you haven't been living under a seashell as I sometimes fancy, you might've heard or read something about this year's UN Climate Action Summit, the climate resolution oaths made by some of the most powerful people and especially the youth movement lead by Greta Thunberg, who was also giving a speech at the summit (and to be honest, remains perhaps one of the few ones that actually got attention). Reckon I needn't go further into that because it appears that everything revolves around the crisis at the moment. I couldn't really not imagine an unfortunate soul like Teppo breaking the ice with climate issues, which might or might not be the wisest social decision ever.


May I also make my personal stand here before digging deeper into the topic that I, too, support the climate movement and have mutual stress about the issues as well. I am not begging "I'm pro-climate!" just to try being politically correct, but just to clear any confusion. Otherwise the rest of this article wouldn't really make sense. Let's get back into it.


This is a "Recurring Thoughts" entry, which follows a simple formula: I present a question and then give a relatively short answer (compared to other posts) that advocates my beliefs and opinions. With this in mind...

How can you work with climate change?


Given the complexity of modern life and considering the fact that all of us live substantially different lives, it's impossible to offer life-advice that works on everyone. However, I do believe there being universal small choices that anyone can make on a daily basis. Additionally, I strongly believe that for not doing so, we have the natural law of following the path of least resistance to blame; Not family life (which quite honestly comes up really often), not being busy, and not any of the other rudimentary excuses. Everyone primordially aims for preserving energy and seeking comfort. Much like electricity, a person lacking confronted with burden tends to follow the easiest path, whichever that may be. At one point that might've been enough, but nowadays we have other beings and consequences to consider. Let us break down the most popular ways of reducing your carbon footprint that you've already heard a million times before:


(Transportation) Avoiding private commuting or even using muscle fueled vehicles, such as bicycles.

(Consumerism) Supporting eco-friendly products by purchasing said brands.

(Diet) Switching to a plant-based diet and eating local to discourage long-distance import.

(Recycling) Sorting your trash from glass to metal, plastic to cardboard. Also second-hand shopping and sharing items with others.

(Consumption) Energy conservation by reducing electricity use and water wastage.


But of course, life is never that simple, is it? Also, any smart-ass could start filling the list with more stuff such as cutting airplane travel, loitering less on the internet and learning to breathe more effectively.. But! Point is that we all have things needing optimization and we all got excuses for not doing so.


Also! These are all advice on how to reduce your emissions, which is the same as saying "How can I make my actions less harmful?". For the people going for the extra mile, you can participate in volunteer work for restoring nature, such as planting trees and fixing local plant diversity by weeding harmful and alien species, which, quite the contrary sounds like saying "How can make things better with my actions?". There are loads of organizations and opportunities for voluntary charity work if you just know where to look. For the rest of us lazy tadpoles, we consider ways to make our share without sacrificing too much, if any. That's what all of us really want, right?

You want my help.. What's in it for me?


The climate crisis has gone an ugly journey making us all believe that the very Earth is going to collapse on itself if we don't do something right about fucking now. When you glare through history, the planet has suffered much worse than what we're doing right now. Literally, Earth started as a molten ball of magma with a lot more to worry about than some droughts, tornadoes or route change of migratory birds. At least five major mass extinctions have occurred in the past, some caused by an asteroid and others by releasing loads of oxygen or getting rid of it. Who knows, maybe the entire field of geology (and other sciences) are false and we really have no idea. I never got my head around how this shit gets figured out. I digress. It seems that what we're doing right now is equivalent to squeezing Mother Earth's underdeveloped pubes, because that's somehow harmful for her skin, but nothing that would kill her.


No, what we're actually worried about are the current dominant ecosystems and our dependency on it. I was hanging about the Lahti climate protest last Friday and found one particular sign there fascinating, which ran: "The Earth can survive the this, but we can't." That's the point, really. Although humans are natural beings, their inventions are not and that's what is hurting other life on the planet. Other life that, in turn, serve human life. In other words, we're hurting ourselves. Future generations won't be able to enjoy the beautiful nature that's served their ancestors and people start losing homes because their neighborhoods got submerged. Loss is the keyword that gets people moving.


That's why we got all this talk about the impending apocalypse, which is a concept that's always taken too literally by some people. Someone forgot to mention that the term "apocalypse" derives from the Latin word apocaluptein that means "to uncover" or "revelation", as in the unveiling of something not known before, be it rapture or perhaps.. a new kind of life? By some sources, anyway. Therefore, I find this interpretation of the word apocalypse to be fitting today.

It's not the end of the world, but end of the world as we know it.


Some people think the whole climate movement is but a conspiracy to make us do trivial things and let's be honest, this essay tends to lean that way a bit as well. Let me remind you though that I, the owner of this blog, have my support and my house at stake on this entire ordeal, as surreal that it may seem. I've been raised and taught to pay mind to (Recycling) and (Consumption) from a very young age, creating good habits. Later in life I adopted more ways to do my part, learning the (Transportation), (Consumerism) and (Diet) that give me the confidence to say that I am doing what I can.


What I'm asking of you right now is to re-evaluate your own life. I'm not asking you to do anything, but inviting you to explore an idea with me. Is there something (more) you could do, anything that's not sacrificing too much? For an instance, if you think that a car is something you can't go without just because you have a family, take a look at your peers. Look at the families that get well by without a car. What are they doing differently? Or perhaps if you scoff at the thought of vegan food; Have you ever tried it? It's not just salad and carrots you're making yourself see, but all sorts of delicious dishes. Often you can just prepare a meal where you just replace meat with a substitute, which could turn out just as good, or even better! What connects these mere two examples together is that attitude plays a major role in our decisions.


"But how can my decisions possibly make a difference in the big scene?"


Remember, if we all shared this idea, this wouldn't be an issue. After all...


It's a question that only serves, ironically, to not make a difference.

Take a deep breath.


Hello dear readers, it's your author Miko speaking, literally the same dude who's been narrating all this time, anyway. I know the Recurring Thoughts -series is advertised as something bite-sized and brief, unlike what this post has been. That, just as the story from the beginning might've just wasted your time, or perhaps not. I hope that you got something out of this and returned home just a little bit wiser. This is also the first topical political issue that I've ever researched and written about to a public audience, so that's also something different and scary. I wish to write more posts like this in the future, which is something that was foreshadowed in the previous main entry, XXXIV -A boy and his blog. The blog is perpetually developing and like any artist, I need feedback about what works and what could be done better, or if some of the objective info I present is a big fat lie. Since the blog doesn't have any comment system at the moment, you can find the contact information on the front page. Enough dilly-dallying, however, the planet needs saving.


In good spirit: to all the blind bureaucrats and filthy-rich entrepreneurs, as well as those arrogant people who can't see past their own fingertips, a sincere fuck you.



What you should listen to right now to feel me: Memory – The Living Tombstone

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Let's share a toast for Lover Earth: Africa - Toto






1st of October, 2019

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