Q5 -What's the deal with gender-neutrality?

Disclaimer! I wish that everyone prone to getting offended easily, identify yourselves and redirect elsewhere. This is an essay based solely on one man's opinion and nothing more. Thanks!

The topic:


You know what boils my vessels? People getting so offended nowadays. Yeah, it’s the talk of the town but for a good reason. There's this ideology where everyone's values are being "attacked" by everyone. I mean, why should you even care what someone you don't even know thinks about you? You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't try to. There's always a group of people whose values and views differ from yours. It's just up to the person how they're going to express it. Don't know about you but I don't see a problem there. Without further ado, here's an analysis of something that irritates me with today's society.


You can’t assume a gender. I remember, years back, me and my friend used to joke over there being three options for sex on online forms; Male, Female, Other. It seemed ridiculous, I mean, what's the "other"? There can’t be but two genders, obviously! Now there’s fucking people identifying as androgine male-attracted hermaphromales (I looked it up), attack helicopters and dozens of other genders with their own specific descriptions. (I get the joke.)


So yeah. Imagine the picture: There’s this murky-pitched bearded dude (I use ”dude” in a gender neutral context.) with a loooot of shining testosterone on ’em and you can’t speak of them as ”him”. I’m already loving the images you're creating in your head.


You have to address them as a person, which is fine! But when someone gets offended over "assuming" things like that, the issue is somewhere else than what lies below.


Sure, majority of the bigger crowd and the people I'm familiar with don't care about this stuff and I've never been smacked over assuming a gender. But someplace, for some people, this is a problem.


So, while there may be two biological genders, there’s dozens of other genders that fit your psychological personality. That’s fine, alright. But you still shouldn’t expect random people to know you, much as you don’t know them. People tend to make assumptions and most likely without giving it a deeper meaning. If there's no malicious intent, you shouldn't perceive one as such.


”You know what they say about assuming; it makes an ass of u and me.” Then again; if you're going to be a smart-ass, you have to be smart; else you're just an ass.

My counterargument:


Before I’m done with this, I’m really 'delighted' to inform where our tax-money is sinking. In Finland, people get offended by this stuff, too. Huh, whaddaya know. So in addition to teaching the children to be gender-neutral with new philosophies in schools, they decided to make this universal. There's a new traffic law coming up.


You know how there’s all these traffic signs for everything. In Finland we have a sign for pedestrian walkway that illustrate two people, appearing publicly as a man and girl holding hands. Well, someone had the idea to replace the millions of these signs with a design of two ordinary stick figures. The government is arguing that these new signs will ease recognizing them. Hell, I've never met anyone having troubles with recognizing a pedestrian walkway sign. Such a coincidence that the new design is awfully neutral and dull.


The fact alone that there's nothing wrong with our current signs makes that statement hard to believe. Let's say that the figures itself were the problem, which they likely are. Now, that gets me arguing; ”You can’t assume their genders, remember!“


Get a grip.







September 24th, 2018

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