Q2 -What would you do if you won the lottery?

Me and Teppo had a conversation, which went something like this:

(The first line is mine)

-I don't think I've ever asked about your bucket list. What do you wish to achieve and experience before fading into eternity?


-Oh, you know.. Stuff like traveling around the globe, building a successful career. Perhaps getting a family and settling down somewhere nice. Oh yeah, and tasting the culinary dimensions of India. A Long while back I had an idea for a book, but that's kind of long gone..


-Wow, that's something all right. Mine would be becoming a traveling pianist, gaining as much experience from various things as I can, writing a hit visual novel and backpacking all over. (A bit of my actual bucket list.)


-That's that then.


-Yep. Got any plan as to achieving these dreams of yours?


(Then it happens. The one thing I always hate to hear!)


-If I won the lottery, I would head straight on! (See that "if" and "would" there? That's limiting your capabilities, son!)


-You know how improbable that is? That's why I don't even do lottery or any of that stuff, I've seen the graphs! (My older brother did a bit of research back in the day. With his seven numbers, there was one instance where those specific numbers hit gold. Back in the 70s, only four or five out of his seven numbers scored a profit.)


-You never know. You can't exactly win if you don't even try, correct me if I'm wrong. And c'mon, it's only like a few euros/pounds/bucks/whatthehellever that you're going to lose, that's nothing. (While they got a point there, I did the math that if you use, let's say 5 units every single week and get 30% back (which itself could be considered lucky in the long run) you'd still lose 182 units every year. If you use more, it only gradually greatens. 10 units with 30% return would be 364 units and so on.)


-Hey, it's your money, not mine. My point is, don't leave your dreams hanging on the hope of someday winning. Sorry to break it to you but it's greater than a 99,9% chance that won't happen. (Quoting this one dude visiting our junior high school, "When you don't gamble, you win every time!" Yeah, a little cringy when you hear it, but the main principle is there.)


(I get that there's the thrill and excitement, too. Shut up.)


-Then, if some of us win big, you're there to beg money, is that it? (It's more likely that I wouldn't even need to beg for a minor sum if the jackpot was huge and we were close.)


-Nah. I always think it like this: I'm aware that it's my own choice whether or not to fill the ticket. If any of you happens to ever win, good for you. I don't have any right to complain and you're not entitled to give me any of that profit. But if that never happens, I have the high ground then. Not like it'd matter anyway. (This is accurate, it's not worth arguing over. I still feel like winning everytime I remember that I don't gamble. Good for me; whoppie-fuckin'-doo, right?)


-Let's say you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? (I decided to not ask Teppo because that would be generalizing and upright rude.)


-Freedom. Freedom to do whatever I wish and be wherever I want.


I rest my case.







March 2nd, 2018

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